What does “below grade” flooring mean?

What does “below grade” flooring mean?

Below grade refers to a room that's below ground, usually basements. They can be damp and humid, so the best floors are either waterproof or hard surfaces, such as any vinyl, porcelain, ceramic tile, or concrete. You'll often hear professionals at our flooring company use the phrase, "It can be installed in any grade," to indicate a floor's ability to handle moisture. When you come into the Carpet Source Plus flooring store in Northwood, OH, we’ll address any further concerns you may have.

The flooring materials for below-grade installation

Sheet and luxury vinyl are waterproof and suitable anywhere, whether in the basement or above ground in bathrooms known as "the wettest rooms in the house," They come with true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile, taken with 3D photography, and having such features as micro beveling and embossing. While sheet vinyl is seamless, luxury can be cut into planks or groutable squares.

Engineered hardwood floors are constructed for stability with a better ability to handle water. This provides for more installation possibilities in higher-than-normal moisture areas where solid wood floors should be avoided. They can even be installed over concrete, known for dampness.

Other good choices include the new waterproof laminate version with no wood in its composition and won't swell or ripple. Rubber flooring is used primarily for commercial installations but will work if your basement is used as a play and not a living area.

If it’s susceptible to water damage, can it be installed anyway?

Yes, but this might take extra preparation, such as raising the subfloor, adding plywood boards or unique meshes, or using a vapor barrier or foam underlayment. Also, think in terms of a case-by-case basis; if your basement remains dry, even carpeting, especially the squares, which are thicker and, hence, more water-resistant, can work.

As flooring installation specialists, we'll use special techniques, including joint extenders or caulking, to ensure you always get the best job. You'll also get free in-home measurement, so come into the Carpet Source Plus showroom in Northwood, OH. We’re convenient to Northwood, Toledo, Oregon, Millbury, and Curtice and will give you a free flooring quote.